About us

VRP Shocks feature the latest advancements in racing shock technology. Our shocks are made 100% in the USA of the highest quality materials. From our CNC machined 6160 Aluminum bodies, caps, and pistons, to our precision machined hard chrome shafts, you will receive a long lasting product that offers superior consistency. Owner Vince Valeriano has over 50 years of racing suspension experience. The technical support that you will receive is not just based on the understanding of how a shock works, but on experience and understanding of how the whole chassis works. Our shocks have been developed with the help of winning drivers, crew chiefs, and shock specialists such as Fred Rahmer, Brandon Rahmer, Freddie Rahmer, Jason Sides, Steve Buckwalter, Sonny Kratzer, Dale Shaw, Bubby Jones, Vince Valeriano Jr., and Russ Rose... to name a few. We believe in learning from and working with our customers to bring you the best shock on the market.