1.  Depressurize the shock and back the rebound adjuster to full soft.

2.  Clamp the body cap eyelet in the vise with shaft pointing up.

3*  Steps when using body cap with snap clip assembly:

        3a.  Push down on the seal cap.  Remove the top wire-retaining ring (using pointy scribe, be careful   not
               to scratch the inside of the body).

        3b.  Attach seal cap tool then pull up with steady pressure until o-ring is clear of top groove and remove
               seal cap.

       3c.  Remove the second wire-retaining ring (same procedure as 3a).  Pull the piston out of the shock body.

3*  Steps when using the threaded body cap:

      3a.  Loosen and remove threaded seal cap.

      3b.  Pull piston out of shock body.     

4.  Drain the oil, when needed.  Please dispose of properly.

5.  Clamp the shaft eyelet in the vise with the piston pointing up.

6.  Remove the 7/16” nylock nut to access valving or to change the seals in the seal cap.

7.  Inspect and replace the damaged O-Ring and wiper if needed.

1.  Reassemble the shaft; be sure that the piston is properly positioned.  With the shaft still in the vise, the compression valve stack is on the bottom and the rebound on top.  It is very important that the piston is positioned with the 4 ports facing up on the rebound side and the 16 ports facing down on the compression side, also bleed holes on rebound side.

2.  Torque the 5/8-nylock nut to 250 inch lbs.

3.  Use tool to set the floating piston--put in vise so you can take out tool.  Add Oil 1/8” from top of body.

4.  Insert the shaft and piston assembly into the shock body.  Lightly tap the eyelet with mallet a few times to assure all the air bubbles are gone.

5*  Steps when using body cap with snap-clip assembly:

     5a.  Insert the lower inner groove wire-retaining ring.

     5b.  Top off with oil and slide the seal cap down until seal cap touches oil.  Without moving the shaft
            remove tool to set piston – push down seal cap to bottom ring insert 2nd ring.  Pull up on shaft until
            seal cap is even with body.

     5c.  Pull the shaft up gently until it hits the first snap-ring.

5*  Steps when using the threaded body cap:

      5a.  Screw the seal cap in to half-way.

      5b.  Remove piston tool and screw seal cap in until tight.

      5c.  Pull the shaft up gently until it hits the top. 

6.  Insert seal screw to close the opening left by the floating piston tool.

7.  Pressurize to recommended nitrogen pressure for the specific track.

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